Summer Nights…Having a Blast…

This summer has been full of fun, fun, and more fun.  My daughter has had the best summer yet.  We have been to Canobie Lake Park and Six Flags two times each, and let us not forget all of the playdates, beach days, pools, and sleepovers.

One of my favorite things at amusement parks is to look at all of the rides lit up at night.  The ferris wheel at Canobie Lake Park looks beautiful at night, with the colors on the wheel changing every few minutes.

Night Wheel

Another favorite of the amusement park are the rides of course!  When we are with our friends and their families, I am known as one of the “kids”, because I go on most of the rides.  One night at Six Flags, the kids and I went on the “Crime Wave”, not once, but 5 times.  It goes high up, but not as high as the “Skyscreamer”. We closed the park.




And at last we have the Fried Dough. Growing up, I don’t ever remember eating fried dough, I was in my 30’s the first time I had it, and I have to have it anytime I see it.  I am notorious for getting the powder sugar all over me, but it is worth it!  I have to say, I have had the best summer too. 🙂

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